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Moving toward an intelligence credentials program

Posted By Rachel M. Bode, Thursday, December 8, 2016

This post was written by AIRIP Board Member Jessica Hern, Risk Intelligence Manager at 3M, and AIRIP Member Eric Boger, Vice President of Global Intelligence at iJET.

First Steps toward a Risk Intelligence Credentials Program:

Over a two-day period in mid-September 2016, a working group of industry professionals came together to discuss the feasibility and desirability of establishing a credentialing program for risk intelligence professionals. While all agreed it would be a challenging endeavor, it was unanimously decided that such a program would advance and elevate the risk intelligence analysis profession and it should be a priority for AIRIP.


The working group assessed that a credentialing program could help establish a common vernacular, a collective and acknowledged set of standards and processes, and serve as a milestone to enhance the legitimacy of the risk intelligence analysis profession. Further, a credentialing program would give hiring managers additional confidence in the skills of credentialed applicants and career development opportunities for new analysts.

What Will It Look Like?

The working group began the process of identifying key skills, knowledge, and competencies a professional risk intelligence analyst should possess. To guide the sessions, the working group used the intelligence cycle as a framework. The brainstorming session highlighted substantive differences in how the intelligence cycle is used (or not used) in various industries that employ risk intelligence professions. For example, military and governmental risk intelligence professionals’ processes can be very different than academic, private sector, or NGO processes. These differences, and the fact that many risk intelligence professionals move between sectors at various times in their careers, highlight the need for any truly valuable credentialing program to be inclusive of differences in industries.

Next Steps

The working group concluded that AIRIP would serve as a credible and appropriate body to develop and administer a professional credentialing program for risk intelligence analysts. AIRIP’s members come from many industries and AIRIP is prepared to develop a well-respected, meaningful credentialing program that will elevate the risk intelligence profession.

This program is a high priority for AIRIP and our board, but it will take time, support, and involvement from our members. The working group focused on the end of 2018 as a target date for our first test – we believe this timeline is achievable based on other credentialing programs with whom we benchmarked. To be successful in this effort, AIRIP requires time, assistance from interested members, and funding that AIRIP has not yet identified.

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Are you passionate about career development in the risk intelligence profession? Do you have time to devote to a credentialing project?
  • What ideas do you have? Are there credentialing programs that you have enjoyed or disliked that could assist us in developing this program? Even if you don’t have time to devote to assisting us, we’d love to hear your suggestions.
  • Do you know people who would like to get involved? Does your university or professor have an interest in this topic and might be interested in partnering with AIRIP?
  • Would you or your company like to donate funds to support the development of a credentialing program?
  • What key performance areas would you consider essential to the trade of being a risk intelligence analyst?

Reach out to AIRIP via our contact us form with your ideas or to learn more about participating or donating.

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