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Pokémon Go Game 2 W. Puller Thanks Meredith - I look forward to reading it.
by W. Puller
Friday, July 29, 2016
KPIs 1 C. Johnston This is a great question, and always a hard one to answer. Beyond tracking the number of products overall, keeping track of how the project/product was generated (requested vs. pushed) is a helpful metric. Additionally tracking new requestors, level of the individual making the request, or new requests to be added to your e-mail list can be good numbers, as well as any feedback you get (even just a sentence or or two! - you take what you can get, right?) for use as a narrative around quantitative metrics is great to tell your story. Finally, I always find it useful to track the type of product, method of delivery (written vs. briefing, or other method) and the risk level for the subject area you are writing or briefing on. Sharing the risk level for your products can be really effective if you deal frequently with high risk areas -- for example, if you're able to state something like the following: Fifty percent of our products were directed at senior level company leadership requesting analysis to guide in decisions regarding high risk areas or issues. If you have decent sharepoint skills/access, a quick form can be made for you to enter this info, or an excel spreadsheet can be used to track and then create charts/graphs. The sharepoint form is usually more effective if you have a large team. The spreadsheet is totally effective for a one person or small team.
by R. Bode
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Eliminating Bias 0 R. Bode According to research cited in the Washington Post, people have a hard time not using past decisions to influence future choices. Have you worked to eliminate this "repeat bias" from your analysis?
by R. Bode
Monday, March 21, 2016
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