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AIRIP Mentor Program
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AIRIP is proud to announce our Mentor Program!

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To promote the growth of the risk intelligence profession through enhancing member networks and knowledge


To promote relationships, learning, and career growth through connecting members with expertise with members looking for guidance on:

● Professional growth 
● Working as a risk intelligence professional 
● Issue specific challenges 
● Making the transition from public to private sector risk intelligence work


The Mentor Program is designed to assist AIRIP members in developing their careers and achieving personal development goals in the risk intelligence field

Mentees may be:
● Student members interested in working with a professional to better understand the risk intelligence field
● Professional members with five years or less experience in government or private sector risk intelligence work
● Professional members of all experience level seeking out a member with expertise on a specific subject matter area
● Government members with an interest in transitioning to the private sector

Mentors may be:
● Professional members with five or more years experience in private sector intelligence
● Professional members with specific expertise and coaching experience that they are willing to share (writing, presentation, tradecraft and analytics, management, public speaking, etc)
● Professional members with extensive management experience

The AIRIP mentorship program runs annually, with a kick-off and mentor-pairing each Spring.

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their individual strengths and goals as outlined in their application.  

Application process will be through the AIRIP website.


Mentors and mentees will outline their goals for the relationship in their initial meeting. What do each anticipate getting out of the relationship?  AIRIP will provide an information sheet that will assist in outlining this goal or set of goals.  

Mentors and mentees should be able to commit to 1-2 interactions via phone, email, FaceTime, or in person per month. Each mentor and mentee pair will decide what amount of time should be spent on these interactions based on their own time constraints.  

In order to foster a sense of trust, mentor and mentee relationships will operate under confidentiality principles. Information shared between mentors and mentees is not to be shared outside the relationship without the express permission of the other party.

Neither mentors nor mentees should see the mentor program as a job lead creation program. Rather, the program is designed to assist participants in becoming a well rounded risk intelligence professional so that they are better able to do their current job and/or are a more attractive job candidate in general.  

Be realistic about your time. Because we want your full participation we request that both mentors and mentees take on one mentorship at a time (for the duration of the four month program – relationships that extend beyond this are at the discretion of the mentors and mentees). 

The AIRIP mentor committee will set dates for check in with each mentor/mentee pair at intervals throughout the program to ensure a good fit between mentors/mentees, answer questions, and provide additional assistance as required.  

You must be an AIRIP member to participate in the mentor program.


Join the program as a mentee             Join the program as a mentor


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