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What is AIRIP?
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AIRIP was founded in 2015. We are a group of dedicated risk intelligence professionals who will be working to make AIRIP the premier organization for risk intelligence analysts.



AIRIP will support and conduct training for risk intelligence professionals, including conferences and a certification program.

Industry Standards

We aim to establish an ethics standard for the community while promoting our common business interests as an industry.


AIRIP will provide a forum for publication and engaging discourse by thought leaders in the global Risk Intelligence field.



Our Story

Intelligence as a formal position in business has not been around long. Following 9/11, some businesses saw the need to understand the potential impact of terrorism on their business facilities. The first security intelligence analysts in businesses were largely within corporate security departments, and supported assets protection and crisis management. Over the past 10+ years the field has grown to include hundreds of analysts working in major corporations, banks, non-profits and public sector organizations around the world.



While many of those analysts support security functions, the skills and value that risk intelligence analysts can provide has broadened to business strategy, reputation management and other areas.

Risk intelligence analysts work alongside certified professionals in investigations, assets protection, crisis management, business continuity and a host of other areas. Corporate security departments run on “intelligence led security” principles, yet no formal organization existed to provide standards, training, ethics, and career development. Additionally, intelligence analysts in the public and private sector work together, but have no common training, credentials or required experience.

In 2008, Ms. Bode saw this need and dreamed of starting an intelligence association to bring together like-minded and like-skilled individuals, and to elevate the risk intelligence profession across sectors. It wasn’t until a job change in 2015 that she had the time to found the organization and begin its growth. And that’s where we are today – just starting to grow! We hope you will join us!


Big data is great, but only if you have skilled qualitative analysts on the other side who can use it, with other open sources, to glean insights and information that can drive decisions in your organization. That’s what a risk intelligence analyst can do for you – take huge amounts of information, distill it down to some talking points that inform your decision. These positions are hugely valuable to governments, corporations and non-profits, and the analysts and leaders who fill those positions deserve networking, training, and career development. AIRIP is here to provide that.

– Rachel Bode | CEO

In its first year, AIRIP grew to well over 100 members, representing global businesses and non-profits, as well as government, military and student members. 

Thank you to our Business Partners