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AIRIP Code of Conduct
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Standards and Guidelines

AIRIP is committed to the following values and practices:

Code of Conduct for Risk Intelligence Professionals

  • We will uphold the brand and reputation of the organizations for whom we work
  • We will not misrepresent ourselves in person or online
  • We will abide by all applicable laws
  • We will analyze qualitative and quantitative data in an objective way, in order to provide thoughtful, thorough, and unbiased analysis
  • We will promote this Code of Conduct within our teams and organizations, with our third-party vendor providers, and with our colleagues across the profession
  • We will speak highly of this profession, and increase the reputation of intelligence analysis
  • We will adhere to the policies and procedures of the organizations for whom we work
  • We will foster an ethical and responsible risk intelligence community

AIRIP upholds this standard as a best practice for its members and others in the profession, and asks that its members adhere to the principles outlined above. AIRIP reserves the right to revoke/terminate membership at any time if this is not upheld by a member.


AIRIP’s Code of Conduct, as well as an FAQ of related information, is available to download here.

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